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Metal powder

Fe-Si-Cr Characteristic
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Metal Powder is an important raw material for powder metallurgy and raw material base for the development of modern industry. The application of metal powder is becoming more and more extensive and plays an irreplaceable role in the field of industrial manufacture with the development of the traditional powder metallurgy and the emerging of MIM and 3D printing technology. The manufacture of metal powder includes atomization, balling, reduction etc. The characteristics of the powder varies by different manufacture method. Poco is specialized in research and production of atomized powder and ball milling powder with significant strength in the production of soft magnetic powder for atomized alloy and product performance.

Part Number AL ±8% Permeability Before coating                After coating Sample request PDF
Outer dimension Inner dimension Height Outer dimension Inner dimension Height
(mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch)
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