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NPA Series

NPA Series Characteristic
    • Distrisbuted Air Gap
    • High Saturation Flux Density
    • Ultra-low Core Loss
    • Near Zero Magnetostriction
    • Excellent Temperature & Frequency Stability
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NPA Fe-Si 3 generation series products:
Soft Magnetic Material with Ultra-Low Core Loss.

Distrisbuted Air Gap, High Saturation Flux Density, Ultra-low Core Loss, Near Zero Magnetostriction,
Excellent Temperature & Frequency Stability, Able to work at around 60°C for a long term.

Fly-back Transformer, Resonant Inductor (<100kHz), High Frequency PFC Inductor (>150kHz),
variable frequency air conditioner, new energy automobile.

Poco is able to customize the design to meet customers’ requirements.


Part Number AL ±8% Permeability Before coating                After coating Sample request PDF
Outer dimension Inner dimension Height Outer dimension Inner dimension Height
(mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch) (mm/inch)
max min max max min max