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Company News

POCO was awarded the “2014-2015 Excellent Supplier”by ABB

Guangzhou, China – Recently, POCO Holding Co., Ltd was awarded the “2014-2015 Excellent Supplier” on ABB DMPC Supplier Day 2015 held in ABB Microunion Traction Equipment Limited on Aug. 19, 2015. The praise is only awarded to supplier who continuously achieves or exceed ABB’s standard in R&D, quality, delivery, cost and management. In 2015, only three suppliers win this award in China.

Birthday Party

Today, POCO (Huidong) prepare a birthday cake and delicious meal for employees who is celebrating birthday during the recent days.he birthday people feel both happy and thankful about the party that specially prepared for them. And one Mr. Birthday says: “I celebrate my birthday every year, but this is the first time to celebrate birthday with so many people

Essay Competition

On July 30th, the essay writing competition on the subject of “Meet in summer, happy drifting”, organized by Personal & Administration Department of POCO (Huidong) came to a successful conclusion. The competition was about the Heyuan one day trip organized for staffs in POCO(Huidong).The activity aim to relax employees, meanwhile to increase the cohesion and cooperate identity of employees. After a series process of contribution and selection ect., we have the winners of the first, the second and the third prizes. The competition has enriched the company culture connotation, inspired solidarity and responsibility of employees and established a good corporate image.

Meet in summer, POCO’s happy drift trip of 2014

In the morning of June 27, 2014, Huidong plant has organized for all employees a aerial drift trip in Wanlvhu Lake of Heyuan. Everyone havs felt a strong Hakka culture and enjoyed unique Hakka cuisine specialties in the trip. And the one and a half hours air drifting brought even more fun to everyone. The happy time always flies, but Heyuan tour leaves us with eternal beautiful memories.

Tamura came to visit

On June 5, 2014, Tamura’s leadership came to visit. The primary purpose of this trip is to review POCO’s quality system, and help to establish and improve the strategic relationship between Tamura and POCO.