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Huizhou Signed contract of advanced equipment manufacturing industry investment project

Date:2016-07-13 Tag:2013 Source:铂科

     At 3pm of July 1, 2016, business and politics people gathered in the Huizhou Exhibition Center to attend the opening ceremony of industrial alliance, Huizhou advanced equipment manufacturing industry investment project. Chen Yiwei-Secretary of municipal party committee and director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Mai Jiaomeng-Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee and Mayor of Huizhou, Fan Zhongjie-Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary General, Hu Jianbin-Deputy Mayor, and main leaders in charge of the county area, relevant units of Equipment manufacturing industry and enterprise’s person-in-charge witness this historic moment. On behalf of POCO, Mr. Ruan Jialin-GM of Operations Center signed contract with local government responsible person on the High-performance Soft Magnetic production base expansion project. City and county-level Government attached great importance to the completion construction of this project, and they urged relevant departments to support related work. Expected annual output is above RMB 350 million after the completion of the project.

     Advanced equipment manufacturing includes intelligent manufacturing equipment, naval architecture and ocean engineering equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, rail transportation equipment, aerospace equipment, new energy equipment, automobile manufacturing, satellites and applications, critical infrastructure ect. After years of research and development, POCO has become excellent enterprise in new energy material industry, with the ability to R&D, production and providing application solutions at the leading industrial level in China.



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